Digital Strategy Development

Without a doubt, the most important part of seeing progress for your business is to have a complete and thorough digital marketing strategy.

I work with you to ensure that your marketing campaign is working directly toward your business goals.

Thorough Keyword Research, competitive analysis and website audits give me the birds eye view of your competitive landscape. This data can then be used to create the foundations of your digital strategy.

From the collected data I then create a strategy ranging from short to long term that will work hand in hand with your business plans.

Traffic Growth Strategy

As part of the digital marketing strategy I identify the best opportunities to drive highly qualified traffic into your sales funnels.

Analysing content and optimising for user intent goes a long way in ensuring that you are serving the right content for the right people at the right time.

Driving well defined traffic to your website, whether through organic channels or paid media, ensures that you see the highest level of ROI from your digital marketing investment.

Training & Workshops

Do you want to get more value from your in-house team? Perhaps even bring yourself up to speed on specific subjects!

Training can be provided in-house or at an arranged location. Tailor made guides will be provided for all trainees. Popular sessions include link building, interpreting analytical data and scaling your content game.

Recent client results

The screenshot below shows one clients 6 month rise of 428% to a traffic value of £2.3M Per Month

428% Rise in Traffic Value

Richard’s work on the Western Circle groups websites has had a direct impact in providing a substancial increase in our bottom line. With his truly in depth knowledge of technical SEO and performance marketing, our online presence has increased exponentially.

Ofer Valencio Akerman

CMO – Western Circle Group

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